Top searched Terms for the Denver Personal Injury Law Industry

//Top searched Terms for the Denver Personal Injury Law Industry

Top searched Terms for the Denver Personal Injury Law Industry

When it comes to search, there is a lot of competition in the Denver personal injury law industry.  Not only are most search terms competitive, but they can also be very pricey should you choose to use Adwords.  Knowing what keywords to put into your internet marketing efforts can help you generate traffic and save money from wasted efforts.  Our team at Brandnative has done some research and put together a list of the most popular search terms for marketing the Denver Personal law industry for SEO and SEM.

The keywords are broken down by number of monthly searches and by competition.  If you can find high searched terms with low competition, you have a winner on your hands.  A good marketing company will target a solid mixture of highly searched terms as well as less searched terms for your internet marketing strategy.

Without further ado, here is a list of keywords to consider.  The numbers are average monthly searches and the low/medium/high words are the level of competition.

personal injury attorney Denver 390 High
denver personal injury lawyer 170 High
personal injury lawyer denver 110 High
denver personal injury lawyers 90 High
denver injury attorney 70 High
denver personal injury attorneys 50 High
denver injury lawyer 40 High
injury lawyer denver 40 High
injury attorney denver 40 High
personal injury attorneys denver 30 High
denver injury lawyers 30 High
personal injury denver 30 High
personal injury lawyers denver 20 High

Creative Keyword Options for Denver Personal Injury AttorneysThere are variations of these keywords as well, but they should be considered.  If you plan on doing PPC for these keywords, you need to consider setting a fairly large monthly budget as these keywords average around $100 or so per click.  If you can be found organically, you will save a lot of money and resources.  There are some other options for the more creative law firm.  There are some great keywords to consider that still get searches but have less competition than the keywords above.

Whiplash 880 Low
Whiplash Symptoms 110 Medium
Whiplash Treatment 110 Medium
Symptoms of Whiplash 50 Low
Whiplash Injury 40 High
Car Crash 320 low
Car Crashes 260 low
Motorcycle Crash 70 low
Bus Crash 70 low
Motorcycle Crashes 50 low

As you can see, there are still a good amount of searches that could yield new clients without the high competition.  On top of that, the average cost per click for these types of phrases range from $6.00 to $25.  A good marketing or seo company will not only target obvious keywords.  It is important for you to target less competitive keywords that still gain traffic.  There are many other keywords to consider as a personal injury attorney. It is important for your law firm to be found by people actively looking for help.  The great thing about search engine marketing is that customers who find you, are in need of your services at that exact moment.

If you are currently doing seo or sem and have not seen many results, it might be time to re-evaluate your search plan and company you are using.  A modern law firm must be found on the internet in order to generate leads.  If you would like a free seo audit or Adwords review, contact us today and we will provide it free of charge.  We are also offering a free coupon for $100 in Adwords should you use our services.

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