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Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing Management

ComScore, the leading internet analytics company, estimates that 1 out of every 8 minutes online is spent on Facebook. And with over 1 billion users worldwide, Facebook has become a resource that businesses just can’t ignore, as well as an opportunity to promote your business and market your products and services.  Facebook Marketing allows instant communication with clientele, potential customers, and vendors.  Facebook is a great way to gain new business, repeat business, and keep an eye on reputation management.  Can’t afford to hire a social marketing specialist in house?  We offer businesses fully managed Facebook campaigns including posting, running contests, ads, interacting with customers, and creating custom graphics!

Brandnative understands the growing importance of social networking websites such as Facebook and will create a custom Facebook marketing plan unique to your business. We can offer a variety of Facebook marketing solutions including creating a Facebook page using your logo, corporate colors and the design elements that reflects your company website to give you a professional image. We can feed any other social media that you use such as blogs and Twitter, into your Facebook page and we will help you to engage and interact with your customers.

There is no point having a beautifully constructed Facebook page if nobody is looking at it. Brandnative appreciates the need for Facebook page promotion and can offer a range of innovative and interesting promotional tactics.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads provide dream information to marketers.  Unlike traditional ads, Facebook ads provide the opportunity to target behaviors as well as traditional demographcis.  Imagine a show company, targeting people who like shopping, have a high income, and live within 15 miles of the store.  This is possible with Facebook Ads.  Facebook ad optimization is an important aspect of your Facebook Marketing Plan. Brandnative can make the most from the limited text and image size to give your ad impact. We will track results to make sure that your ad targets the right demographic and is seen by the largest number of potential new customers.

For more information on the affordable Facebook marketing and social marketing packages that we offer please call us at 303.285.0615.