Cooking Up a Successful Digital Marketing Plan for Dentists

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Cooking Up a Successful Digital Marketing Plan for Dentists

As insurance gets more complex and in network/out network becomes more uncertain, it is vital for dental offices to find new sources of clients, revenue, and even services.  Dental offices can no longer just rely on insurance networks to refer them their customers.  So where do you start with your plan to find new customer and increase upsells?

For every dentist office, there should be a marketing mix of both digital and traditional marketing efforts.  Many dentist offices use direct mail and sponsorships as a way to entrench themselves within the community.  These are proven and sound strategies that will help grow your practice.  As good as these methods are, there are more proven and higher yielding methods that are often neglected or overlooked.  These overlooked methods usually include digital marketing strategies.  But where do you look to find what practices work best?

A good digital marketing strategy for dentists is very similar to following a cooking recipe.  Too much or too little of an ingredient can leave a bad taste in your mouth.  The same can be said when developing a digital marketing strategy for dentist offices. Many times, dental offices only use one component of a successful digital marketing plan like a website, SEO, or email.  The most successful practices will have a custom digital marketing plan designed and executed for them that will include a blend of multiple online marketing strategies combined with automation and CRM systems.

Common Mistakes

Many dentist offices make common mistakes when it comes to their online marketing strategies.  These mistake include:

  • Using the website that comes with your Dental software – There is a reason that the website that comes with your dental software is free. They are very generic, impersonal, and limit your seo options.  Do you really want the same website that is being used by thousands of other dental offices?  Investing in a custom website is something that every dental office should do.  A custom website will create a more user friendly approach and will increase lead conversion.  If you are using a Dentrix Eagle Soft, Softdent, or any other dental software, keep it separate from your website.  These sites were not designed as a selling feature for you, not for your clients.
  • Your website is too impersonal – Stock photography is great for many things but not for your dental practice. Give your future clients a sneak peek into your practice with personalized photos of the building, staff, and technology.  Many offices have invested tons of money into the look of their practice and then don’t show it off.  Trust me, people would rather see photos of your office than models with a nice smile.  An introductory video will also increase conversions and make it more personal.
  • Lack of quality content – Investing time to create meaningful content will not only help your SEO, but it will also help establish your practice as an expert in your market. This will help stay relevant with your customer base and can even inform them of new and better practices.
  • Lack of automation – Automation is a beautiful thing. A good CRM will allow you to setup automation flows that will keep in contact with your customers with little to no time wasted by the staff.

There are many more common mistakes that dentist offices make, but these are the most prevalent.

The Perfect Digital Marketing Recipe

Having helped many dentist offices achieve online marketing success, we at Brandnative have found that there is a recipe that averages a 5 to 1 ROI for clients.  The recipe includes:

  • A custom website
  • Micro Sites (landing pages focusing on specific areas of your business)
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • SEO
  • Adwords
  • Video
  • Automation
  • CRM

By combining these ingredients properly, you can turn your dental office into a digital marketing machine that finds new patients every month.  Buying each of these things individually can be very expensive but there are a few digital marketing companies for dentists like ourselves, that have put together affordable packages that produce tremendous results.

If you need help or advice on what steps you should next take, then contact us today and ask about our digital marketing packages for dentists.  We will then schedule an in person visit or online meeting with your practice and show you how this works and what type of return you can expect.

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